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Vegetable Picking


Empowering Balinese villagers to start farming and making sustainable living from the richness of their own land and being less dependent from their unsustainable factory jobs in big cities. 


Maukami works closely with smallholder farmers, providing individual guidance and business mentorship that includes better access to markets, seeds and machinery, go to market strategy and ways to start organic farming.

Smallholder farmers like Dokok and Ayu from Enteg Farm in Semanik Village Plaga used to receive low returns on their produce in supply chains that are dominated by unfair middlemen. Maukami helped to create fairer trade models by building a direct business partnership that enables them to sell directly to the premium market, resulting in significant increase in their income, to the point that it now exceeds the monthly minimum wage that workers in their area receive.

Made Subambia of Hintaran Farm in Candi Kuning Bedugul shared a similar success story after receiving support and mentorship in establishing an education farm, a library and agrotourism, because Maukami fully understands innovation in agriculture is a way to enhance competitiveness.

Nyarka from Pengotan Village in Bangli became a profitable flower farmer after receiving support in seed supply and market development. 

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