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Maukami views preserving local culture and tradition as a way to continue the sharing of ideas. As the world moves towards a globalised future, it is important to preserve the many diverse voices and experiences to learn from. 


Maukami supported the passion project of Apung, a Balinese man who is single-handedly fighting the extinction of Balinese roosters for ceremonial purposes. From his humble home in Banjar Klandis, he breeds the sacred creatures. By doing so, he is protecting a way of life so integral to the Balinese people, where harmony reigns supreme.

Aside from securing fundings from various donors for Apung’s conservatory project, Maukami also helped to spread awareness of the noble project through partnership with a national TV, SCTV, in its 2018 Liputan 6 Award, conducting an exhibition in October 2019 and publishing a book that documents all types of ceremonial roosters that need to be conserved.

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