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Palm Trees


Maukami is JasthiRia and Sam. We are three individuals who do not have a lot in common. 

Jasthi is passionate about social and community development. Ria has a keen eye for design.

Sam thrives on problem solving with his creative mindset. But we are bonded by our love for creating great works and our vision on creating harmony for all Indonesians.

Maukami is our way to create harmony



Maukami works to empower Indonesians to stand on their own two feet. We work small, from one household to another, facilitating villagers to be able to make a sustainable living in their own villages. 


We work closely with farmers, crafters and housewives, providing support, resources and access to network and financing they need. We believe that every family must thrive in their own villages, working on their own land, creating with their own hands and being financially independent.


Starting in Bali, Maukami is on a mission to replicate as many success stories as possible all over Indonesia to promote sustainable living to reduce the risk of villagers giving up their own lands because their children are opting for jobs in other industries and services.


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